《The Simpsons Movie》

超好笑,如果你跟我一樣喜歡《Simpsons》,《South Park》這一類賤賤格格的動畫,相信你會跟我一樣笑得那麼開心。基本上個半小時之內我的口是完全無停過笑的,也不用太擔心笑位會是很美式化。我覺得我再看多次一樣會笑得出。賤位太多,要數是數不完的。

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另外這裡附上《Harper's Bazaar》2007 年 8 月號的「The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista」特輯,一向悶蛋到暈的《HB》都偶有佳作,此為上佳的時裝卡通 crossover 示範。

(photo copied from FashionPig.com)

和 Linda Evangelista 逛街去。

難得一見放散頭髮的 Marge on Versace。


嘩!!!Karl 叔叔呀!

Marc Jacobs 都有份。

Viktor & Rolf,lovely。:)
匿名 說...

too good to be true.
could HB crossover Transformers? Optimus Prime in Paul Smith...sth like that

匿名 說...

check out Family Guy if u're into Simpsons/South Park...
it's so good that FOX made it came back after it's cancellation due to fans demand!

素顏天使 說...

BusyBee > yeah yeah yeah! I watched some "Family Guy" episodes in youtube, but heard that they copied the gags from some old Simpsons (you can check the comparing video in youtube also).

anf 說...

我小學已經好鍾意The Simpsons
好多角色我都鍾意, 如果要揀個我最like都好難~

Old Cake 說...

"Marge on Versace" <----It is killing me!!
Just look at her eyes! haha

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匿名 說...

兩部卡通角色 structure (?) 差不多
但 family guy d gags 賤格好多
例如有一集 stewie 放左條青瓜o係一個 so-called "invisible woman" o既私處, 話如果佢真係存在, 條瓜應該會變左 pickle XDDD

我買晒佢 D DVD 架 :)

匿名 說...

我都想睇, 不過冇時間, 唯有遲 d 出碟先睇。

素顏天使 說...

busybee > 好吸引, 可惜搵唔到 BT, 我都係睇 youtube jar.

micim > 原裝. 我唔睇配音動畫o架~ 原汁原味丫嘛~

匿名 說...

viktor & rolf one is the best!

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