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這一篇是食譜的分享,而且是懶人版。早前獲邀出席 W52 (相關舊文) 的媒體 Cooking class,我就最愛上烹飪班的了,而且 W52 是我覺得城中吃手做 pasta 最好的餐廳之一,完全沒有拒絕的理由!席間大廚 Chef Francesco Berardinelli、美女公關 C 小姐還有其他的記者們都是說英文的,所以也是全英語授課。

地點在 W52 的三樓,一個很有私隱的空間,可容納約 6~8 人,小班教學。桌上預先擺放好食譜,還有圖中這本由 Chef Berardinelli 加上插圖的筆記本,很精美!想不到 Francesco 煮菜好吃,還畫得一手好畫呢!

先來就是一道驚喜,話說原本只是預備了三個菜式,但 Francesco 在街市看到這條鯛魚很新鮮,立即買了,之後即場再教大家做鯛魚 Carpaccio,還加入了紅石榴和果仁作醬汁,很適合的配搭。(食譜從缺)

前菜 (Antipasto) 是這個 Beef Carpaccio,有我最愛的 Artichokes 啊!!!!

Black Angus beef Carpaccio/ Artichokes, romanesca and parmesan cheese
(Carpaccio di Angus/ insalata di cuori di carciofo, Romanesca e scaglie di parmigiano e tartufo)

• 200 gr of Black Angus sirloin
• 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil
• 1 lemon juice
• 50 gr of Romanesca salad
• 4 Italian Artichokes
• 50 gr of shaved Parmesan cheese
• 20 gr of Salina Capers
• 1 filet of anchovy
• 16 gr of black Italian truffle

1. Wash very well the Romanesca salad
2. Select the most tender leaves
3. Soak the leaves in ice water
4. Clean the artichokes and thinly sliced them
5. Keep them in cold water
6. Beat with a knife the anchovy fillet
7. Do the same with the capers
8. Put the anchovies and capers in a bowl
9. Pour the olive oil and lemon juice beating with a whip
10. Clean the meat with a sharp knife
11. Finely slice and spread on a plate
12. Season with a little salt and pepper

To finish:
1. Drain the artichoke hearts and Romanesca
2. Put them in a bowl after being dried with paper
3. Season with salt, pepper and "citronette" of anchovy
4. Arrange the salad on the meat
5. Finish with Parmesan cheese and sliced black truffle

主菜當然是他們最有名的自家製 Pasta (Primo piatto),這個加入了薯仔的 Gnocchi 配合了雲呢拿口味的醬汁,想不到香草枝可以用作 Pasta Sauce 之用,很特別,當然味道也是一流!

Hand made potatoes Gnocchi/ Mascarpone and vanilla sauce/ walnuts
(Gnocchi al Mascarpone e vaniglia/ noci)

• 500 gr of boiled potatoes (with skin on)
• 100 gr of raped parmesan cheese
• 1 egg yolks
• 200 gr of white flour
• 200 gr of Mascarpone
• 1 stick of vanilla
• 50 gr of walnuts
• salt
• pepper

1. Peel the potatoes and crush them with a potato crusher
2. Place them on a marble table
3. Pour over the flour, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper
4. Add the egg yolk
5. Mix quickly until a ball is obtained
6. Roll the dough and get fine cordons
7. Cut the cordons into small diamond shapes and place on a floured tray and cover them with flour
8. In a pan melt the mascarpone with a bit of vanilla

To Finish:
1. Cook the gnocchi in salted boiling water
2. As they arise to the surface drain the gnocchi and put them in the pan
3. Mix them quickly
4. Remove the pan from heat and add the Parmesan cheese
5. Mix gently and arrange on plates
6. Serve with a sprinkling of walnuts lightly toasted and crushed

最後一道是甜品 (Dolce),Marsala Zabayon/ wild fruits and Cantucci cookies (Zabaione al Marsala/ frutti di bosco e Cantucci)。

Marsala Zabayon/ wild fruits and Cantucci cookies

(Zabaione al Marsala/ frutti di bosco e Cantucci)
• 5 egg yolks
• 100 gr of sugar
• 100 ml of Marsala wine
• 100 gr of wild fruits
• 100 gr of Cantucci cookies

1. In a small saucepan pour the Marsala
2. In a mixer, pour the egg yolks with sugar and start to mix them
3. Bring to boil temperature the wine
4. Pour the wine on top of the egg yolks that are mounting up at full speed
5. until You get a white and compact foam

To Finish:
1. Place in deep plates the mashed Cantucci
2. Cover with wild Berries
3. Pour the zabaglione that has now firm
4. Sprinkle with a little ice sugar
5. Quickly gratin it and serve immediately

以上的課程是 demo class,學生是完全翹手站一旁看(還有等食 :p)。我問過,落手落腳的實習班則只有 1-2 人的 advance class,價錢和資料待定。如果也有興趣跟 Chef Francesco Berardinelli 學做菜,可以致電 (852) 6768 5252 跟 W52 聯絡,詳情可參看上圖。


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