the pledge

just finished "Dirty Sexy Money" episode 7 "The Wedding", Karen and Freddy get marry and her brother Brain wrote this for the wedding pledge.

Brian: "... and so, Karen, Freddy." "I send you off into the mystery of marriage with three words that start with letter "C"."

"First, Confirmation." "Marry people provide confirmation for each other, when one person sees a shooting star or an aurora, then they have someone to turn to all the time to whom to which says, "Did you see that? Did that really happen?" and in a life that's full of amazing moments and it's important to have confirmation."

(camera panned to Brian Jr., he smile.) (so cute!)

"The second is Consolation" "Marry people provide consolation for each other, when bad luck, death or even the simple sadness, or the passing of beauty become hard to make it, you have someone to turn to, for a hand, for embrace, for a kiss, a consolation."

"And, last but not least, it's Joy." (people looking to each other and question on their face.)

"It's not a C word," "but then, hmm hmm, life and love are surprising, now you may kiss the bride."

the is so lovely and I wanna steal it for mine!! (O yea and I just love love love the color and the combination of the flowers! SO BEAUTIFUL!)

however, I better not, cuz Karen broke up with Freddy right afterwards, the marriage last 45 mins only..... 囧
arbitrage 說...

brian is an uncreative moron

and freddy is even more of a moron for letting his moron of a brother write such a stupid wedding pledge. serves him right his marriage lasted only 45 min haha

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