Say Hello from Vietnam

hi all, I'm at Ho Chi Minh now,
and just wanna say a hi to you all!
hee hee~ :D

I ate like 3 bowls of Pho Bo (beef hor fan) already~

Patricia @ the Tourist Information Center
(which near the People Committee Hall)


21 June 2007

ok this is the Day 4 trip and today is my birthday,
I'm at the Highland cafe (kinda like Starbucks in Vietnam) which in Saigon Center right now. This computer can't viewing chinese either normal english, so I got no any idea what ppl dropped to me.

anyway, HUGE BAD NEWS!

I lost my mobile phone yestrerday when I heading to hotel,
probably left at the taxi / drop on the roadside,
and I'm so bloody afraid now cuz I found out "I lost my mobile" after the I lost it like 30 mins. (or an hour, no idea), hope the ppl got it won't make those long distance calls, anyway, services CUT. and you all my dear friends please drop me your contact no. to my email, I lost all the contacts.


Happy Birthday to myself!
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